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Thomas Welti, born and grown up in Baden (Switzerland), discovered his creative talent in his childhood already; but during his former job – he was manager of a groceries group – he didn’t have time for it. Nevertheless, he attended different classes at the Art School of Zurich and additionally learnt the craft at two sculptors during several years.
In this time, some works were created which show a big creativity. Thomas Welti (born in 1955) wanted to turn more time toward his talent; so he moved together with his family to Chianni, where he had purchased a small land. This environment, which inspired artists to excellent performances during many centuries, also has given many impulses to Thomas Welti for his artistical activity. The tuscanian landscape and the silence have influenced him in the creation of his sculptures, installations and paintings. His path between realistic and abstract ways of forming offers access to art for a wide public and is the expression of a self-standing, creative representation.